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Luxury Boston Confidant


Boston Brunette Confidant

Greater Boston Area, North Shore, South Shore

“I am restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again." A. Nin

Greetings my new friend! I am Anna, an adventurer who believes that passion is the art of making a man feel alive. As a wholesome woman just this side of mature, I have many reasons to folllow my bliss.

I love all things nature, giving a well kneaded massage, a good hot cup of joe and read on a Sunday morning, sharing succulent bites while sipping something bubbly and of course, smart conversation. I am usually up to something active whether it’s running, swimming, hiking or dancing.

 I think you’ll love the way I look dressed to the hilt for an elegant evening at a fine restaurant or wearing a sporty outfit for an afternoon outdoors followed by a soothing soak in a hot tub.

Are you a traveling businessman? Boston is a vibrant city buzzing with culture. I promise to spice up your stay with some exciting entertainment. Or if you are a local, older gentleman with a young at heart spirit, I welcome the pleasure of surrounding you with warmth, affection and personal attention. Shall we partake in a relaxing unrushed meeting at a cafe? Or, maybe one of my Therapeutic Swedish massages is the answer to finishing off the evening in bliss. I find that spending time with like-minded couples who share my open-minded, enthusiasm is very exciting. What is more beautiful than making a new connection with a refined, trustworthy partner? 

I invite you to join me and find out for yourself.


Luxury Boston Confidant



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Closer Look:

Soft Brown Hair  /  Blue Eyes  /  45 years old
5'6" Tall  /  135lbs  /  Athletic Natural Build  /  


Will Travel


Ready to Meet?

Visit my packages page for date options and then contact me when you're ready to meet!


Luxury Boston Confidant


Let's Make an Experience we'll never forget!

 Companionship with Anna Annis

Connecting with a charming woman who radiates a whisper of genius and an air of sensibility is paramount to the polished gentleman. I am that gracious and talented companion, ready for an evening or afternoon of exciting entertainment. What shall we do for fun? 


1 Hour  How Do You Do? 
Perhaps you’re just passing through town but we simply cannot resist each other’s company. A brief rendezvous is a must! Are you my new friend? 

400 500
90 Minute Blissful Body, Mind, and Spirit
Stressed and over worked? An unrushed setting is the answer to getting acquainted. Maybe I’ll treat you to my Certified Therapeutic Swedish Massage. I use the best natural unscented lotions and oils. I also have essential oils if you happen to care for an aromatherapy treatment. A hot shower and fresh towels are available of course! 
600 700
2 Hour Businessman's Matinee
Let’s spruce up your day in between those humdrum meetings. Shall we share a light Iunch or some scrumptious appetizers? Let's escape together in the privacy of our own little world.
800 900
3 Hour Sun or Stars Spree
I’ll be the ravishing one in a adorable sundress at a outdoor cafe...or in a stunning little black dress at a piano lounge...waiting for you. We will share witty banter and laughter. Then, let's  allow our attraction to blossom privately.
4 Hour Sensual Gourmand
The gastronome in you loves the epicurean in me. Who can resist friendship over candlelit dining and prolific conversation? Hand in hand together we will walk a beach at sunset, or even trip the light fantastic at a dance hall ...if we are in the mood? 
6 Hour Afternoon Excursion
I’m thinking exploring an art museum followed by lunch at a fabulous location of which I know many. Or, if the great outdoors is beckoning, let's take a hike or kayak together! A luxurious shower and bubbly with a little delectable indulgence will wait for us in our cozy  suite.

12 Hour Ovation Overnight
Shall we head to the theater then steal away for a nightcap? Affection and adoration will fill the night as we decide agreeably to fall asleep in unison only to greet the sunrise over cappuccino and croissants.

For existing friends only



  • I am available to Boston and metro north and south shore areas. I will travel longer distances with a small travel fee.
  • My Therapeutic Swedish Massage can be requested for engagements 90 minutes or longer.
  • Fantasy Acting is available for engagements 90 minutes and longer.
  • Packages do not include transportation costs or outcall accommodations.
  • Please allow time for screening.

Cancellation Policy:
Like you, I am a very busy person. Courtesy and consideration go a long way with me. If your travels or busy schedule cause you to cancel or re-schedule, please do so as soon as possible. 


I am a Boston friend for couples who adores a woman’s sensibility. A deep intuition allows me to understand the delicate balance and nuances that come into play. I’d love to celebrate you and your  partner’s  explorations. It is very important that I connect with each of you in advance to ensure harmony and the ultimate experience of a lifetime!

2 Hour Couple's Erotic Trio


Addon 1 Hour 800


Luxury Boston Confidant


There is nothing overrated about a man or a woman that is kind, courteous and tactful. Though you may assume that minding one’s manners is a given, what’s not so important to some may speak worlds to others. Since we are about to spend some riveting time together, kindly take heed of my essential do’s and dont’s.

“Politeness has become so rare that some people mistake it for flirtation.”

Importance of discretion

The better part of our liaison means that we will always be prudent about how we communicate whether by email, phone or in person. Certain topics should remain unspoken at all times such as services and my consideration and how it is exchanged. My website is an excellent reference point. Any mention of these matters would regrettably bring our association to end.

Gift protocol

Though we’ll be so excited to see each other, please remember to quietly handle this little detail within the first few seconds of our meeting. Arrive with my consideration in an unsealed envelope or concealed in a gift bag and place it where I can see it - either on the tabletop or bathroom countertop. 

Virtue of timeliness

One of the hallmarks of our association is that we respect each other’s time. Just as you will move your schedule around to make time for us, so will I go to great lengths to ensure an unforgettable evening. But if these efforts are taken for granted in the form of tardiness, all is compromised. Let’s honor our affair with punctuality.

Respect and esteem

As a cultivated and mature companion, I attract well-mannered friends that will never discount themselves at my expense. We must always play nice and remember never to be rude, belligerent or hostile in any setting.

Recognizing boundaries

Though the passion we feel will be limitless, taking advantage of each other is unacceptable. Awareness of each other’s limits is vital no matter how often we see each other.

Reviews and feedback

I am comfortable with tasteful, respectful feedback that are neither harsh nor diminishing. I would also love to receive a kind and descriptive email of your thoughts of our engagement! What did you like most? Did you enjoy our intimacy?

Immaculate hygiene matters

Because I am meticulous about cleanliness and my good health, I expect you to arrive freshly showered and shaved with minty fresh breath. If you’ve had a long day at the office or just hopped off a plane, I will invite you to freshen up in the bathroom complete with all the necessary toiletries.


Luxury Boston Confidant


I'm looking forward to our adventure!

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Our engagement is but a breath away! Are you feeling that nervous sense of excitement before going on a first meeting? When you contact me, I would love for you to share something about yourself. Knowing a bit about you will pique my curiosity! Sharing a few respectful details is a great way to break the ice. If you are an existing friend and have already completed my screening process, you may email me directly.

Now comes the part about screening and references. Are you new to the world of companionship? No problem. Or, perhaps you are a bit more experienced and know the process. In any case, take your pick from any of my three verification options below. At least one selection is necessary in order to preserve my safety. Then, complete my Secure and Discreet Online Booking Form. If forms make you uncomfortable, you may email me, careful to include all requested information as outlined in my contact form. 

Screening service

I happily accept Preferred 411 and The Erotic Review

Companion references  

Please provide the names of two, reputable companions with whom you have spent time in the last six months. Include stage name, email, website and contact phone number. (It is an excellent idea to notify the ladies in advance that I will be contacting them.)

Employment verification

This is an excellent choice for newbies or for gentlemen who are ‘under the radar’. Please include your company name; your position/title; company website and your picture on the site if possible; company phone number; your direct line if available and preferred etiquette, if you like. I may ask that you email me from a work email address. Know that I am extremely discreet and will never disclose any private details or allude to any reference of our encounter.

On that note, I am thrilled to hear from you and can’t wait to plan our encounter!

Luxury Boston Confidant